Private Family Sessions

Group and one-on-one training for those affected by hearing loss:

Improve communication

Increase Participation

Increase success with current hearing aids

Find the right alternatives to hearing aids when needed

Feel confident about where you chose to buy hearing aids

Reduce risk of depression, dementia, and falls later in life

Get Access to audiologist on-call support

  • Free 15 minute initial consult by phone to establish how Hearing Ally can address you and your family’s needs.
  • Sessions are virtual:
    • Hearing loss (and tinnitus).
    • Making the most of the hearing aids you have or finding hearing aid alternatives.
    • Communication strategies and tips for improving specific listening environments (such as the meeting location, if desired).
    • Navigating hearing healthcare in your area – where to get your hearing tested or buy hearing aids.
    • We can also discuss navigating hearing loss in the workplace and ADA requirements.
  •  $120 per hour. Insurance does not cover these services.
  • All families who receive training may also sign up for audiologist on-call support where family members can call or email with specific questions and we can respond within 24 hours.

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