Communication Coaching and
Hearing Health Education For Families

Sound like your family?

Your father says, “People just don’t speak clearly anymore.”

The TV is too loud… way too loud.

She used to love going out to eat with everyone, now she would rather stay home and read.

Hearing loss can be the underlying cause of each of these situations and these issues are just the tip of the proverbial iceberg…


(and it doesn’t have to be with hearing aids!)

Hearing loss affects over 48 million Americans, making it the third most prevalent chronic health condition in adults. But we don’t see hearing loss usually; it is an “invisible disability.” Adult onset hearing loss is often gradual, creeping up on us, and it is common for someone with hearing loss to not even know their hearing is different than it used to be. To top it off, most doctors do not understand the serious effects of untreated hearing loss – decreased earning potential and increased risk of depression, social isolation, and falls later in life, just to mention a few.

It is also affecting us earlier in life than we might typically think – hearing loss isn’t reserved for “old people” and its progression may be more preventable than you think. *Learn more here.

I teach families how to make communicating with hearing loss more effective, provide alternatives to hearing aids, and help navigate hearing healthcare. But what I really do, is reconnect people.

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