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  • Treating Tinnitus: An Integrative Approach

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    tinnitus online course


    Were you aware 90% of tinnitus patients have an underlying hearing loss?

    Take this tinnitus CE course online and learn what treatments really work, within your scope of practice.

    Treating Tinnitus; An Integrative Approach provides a framework for allopathic and alternative healthcare providers to problem solve non-pulsatile tinnitus, its underlying causes and contributors, and best practices for when + where to refer.

    tinnitus online CE

    “I loved the Tinnitus CE course. The organization and level of the pathophysiology was well balanced and I took away a lot of applicable information. I am glad to have a strategy now for patients who are told “there is nothing that can be done” for them if one particular modality does not work.”

    – Dr. Joshua Angula, DAOM, EAMP  Seattle, WA

    Inside the course…

    – Five,12-20 minute modules with built in reviews. 

    – Take the course on your laptop or tablet, at your pace.

    – Real case studies, online resources for you and your patients, research studies broken down in to meaningful and actionable information, and course hand outs. Not your typical CE.

    – Downloadable tinnitus referral guideline for your clinic.

    – 1.5 Continuing Education hours (Category II CME by the AMA). Not pre-approved by any licensing body for CE credit. You are responsible for documenting completion of this course with your credentialing body. Hearing Ally does not submit your information or course details to any other organization. By purchasing this course you agree to the above.

    “I see many tinnitus patients in my practice and Dr. deGroot’s course filled in a lot of the gaps for me in terms of how I think about the condition. These patients need all the support and options they can get for their tinnitus and we owe it to them to consider a broad set of evidence based therapies. I found several pearls in this CE class that I’ll be incorporating into my practice ASAP.”

    – Dr. liz Carter ND, LaC

    Learn more about the course here.

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  • Causes and Treatments of Tinnitus (Ringing in the Ears)

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    I’m offering this free, in-depth review of some of the causes and treatments of tinnitus for anyone interested in learning more – people personally impacted by tinnitus or healthcare providers who are starting to exploring the topic. There is a lot of outdated and conflicting information on the internet and even in the medical community.  There are a lot more options than you might think to address that hissing, wooshing, chirping, or ringing sound in your head and there are definitely some ineffective ones still being recommended.

    Understand some of the causes of tinnitus, what may make it worse for you, and a few of the best treatment options available (some of which might surprise you, like hearing aids).

    If you want even more information (i.e. the mechanisms of tinnitus and an in depth discussion of how different healthcare providers can play a role in treating it) with a handy referral guideline tool…

    Sign up for our 1.5 hour CE course on Treating Tinnitus: An Integrative Approach for healthcare providers of all specialties.

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