Sound familiar? “Why Won’t They Get Hearing Aids?”

This recent post, touches on some very important points, including, but not limited to:

– Age related hearing loss makes speech (in English) less clear but not necessarily noticeably softer.

– Getting hearing aids sooner (if you are a candidate) is better. When we don’t keep the hearing processing parts of our brain active, they weaken. In other words it is highly likely that the longer you wait to get hearing aids, the more your word understanding ability will decline.

– There is an unsettling association of untreated hearing loss and fall risk as well as diagnosis of dementia in older adults.

– Hearing aids are not “plug-and-play.” There is a process involved, which I did my best to outline in the following posts numbered 1 through 5 in this blog. At the bottom of each post, click the arrows associated with next post you would like to read. Like, #1 (among an undetermined list of important things to tell you).

For another resource on adult onset hearing loss and ways to talk to others in your area with hearing loss visit: The Hearing Loss Association of America and The Association of Late-Deafened Adults

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