Your 1.5 CE Short Course to Tinnitus

How to Treat and Refer Tinnitus Patients, No Matter Your Specialty

And Why Non-pulsatile Tinnitus Can be Treated More Often than You Think


I’m glad to have a strategy now for patients who are told ‘there is nothing that can be done’ for them.

- Dr. Jangula | Seattle, WA

CAN something be done for tinnitus patients? In many cases, yes.

But of the nearly 50 million Americans suffering from it, most believe nothing can be done to improve the ringing in their ears. Healthcare providers have been taught the same. But here’s the issue…

Much of what you’ve been taught about tinnitus is out of date.

And the single greatest cause of tinnitus is often overlooked or unaddressed in treatments used today.

You’re not alone in this. Even many Ear, Nose, and Throat Physicians are not fully aware of the underlying causes that can be treated or of the latest treatment options.

1.5 Continuing Education Hours

You will also receive a certificate of completion for 1.5 CE hours once completed. This course is considered category II CME by the AMA, although not pre-approved by any licensing body for automatic credit.

The truth is…

  • The vast majority of tinnitus patients (90% or more) have hearing loss caused by things such as tumors, infections, or vascular conditions. Leaving hearing loss (of any type) unaddressed is much more detrimental than we’ve been taught.
  • You can offer so much more to your patients with tinnitus and actually help them see results.
  • Treating tinnitus can greatly impact the health and life of your patients.
  • Most providers weren’t taught how to manage tinnitus properly.

How do I know? As a Doctor of Audiology, I’ve treated numerous tinnitus patients and know their treatment plans from other providers. Many providers refer these cases when they can’t treat them. That’s why I’ve created this course… to help providers of all specialties improve their understanding of tinnitus, its causes, how they can actually treat it, and when to refer patients.

Take this course to better understand tinnitus and know when you can treat it or when and who you should refer patients to for the best results.

This Tinnitus CE Course will help you treat your patients more comprehensively for only $90

I’m Ready. Take me to the course!

This filled in a lot of gaps. I found several pearls I’ll be incorporating ASAP.

- Dr. Liz Carter | Seattle, WA

Tinnitus treatment is multifactoral.

Tinnitus treatment is not one specific medication, one acupuncture point, one device, or one supplement.

Understanding what causes tinnitus in each specific patient will help you problem solve this issue within your scope of practice and know where to refer them when it’s outside of your scope.

Online Tinnitus Course

Does this sound like you?

Primary Care Provider: “First, I address any supplements or medications that could be helpful. If this doesn’t work, I refer my patients to an ENT Physician.”

Medications and supplements may help or exacerbate the problem. The reality is, other causes should be ruled out well before trying supplements or medications.

Learn which medications are research-backed and which could actually make their symptoms worse.

Further, referring to an ENT is often part of good tinnitus management, but there is a clear timeline for referral depending on symptoms. Don’t jeopardize your patients by waiting too long – get reliable clinical tools like referral guidelines in this course.

Chiropractor: “I will treat a client who notices tinnitus after an accident, but if it doesn’t improve, there isn’t much else we can do. I will often refer them to acupunture.”
It makes sense to associate the cause of tinnitus with a trauma that happened just before onset, however tinnitus is often more complex than this. It often requires ruling out other contributing sources, such as hearing loss, to effectively treat.

Learn why different treatment avenues like trigger point release and acupuncture can work for some patients and not others so you can treat and refer with confidence.

After taking this course you may be the only provider in the patient’s health team, to know what to do.

If you only refer these patients and don’t know specifically who to refer to or what more you could do, you may lose the chance to improve their condition, while they follow outdated treatments or hear “nothing can be done” from the other provider (even an ENT).

This often puts tinnitus patients at a dead end, resorting to the internet for unfounded advice instead of YOU.

Hearing loss course for tinnitus treatment

Reduce the guesswork when treating patients with tinnitus

With this course you will:

  • Understand some of the most current models of tinnitus and how it applies to treatments within your scope.
  • Improve patient outcomes and protect your practice by understanding when to treat and when to refer.
  • Gain treatment strategies for tinnitus you can apply tomorrow.
  • Track treatment progress with evidence based clinical tools.
  • Avoid common myths and treatments that simply don’t work.

Watch as I review real case studies of patients with non-pulsatile tinnitus, show you how to problem solve the underlying causes.

Inside this course….

  • Watch 5 video modules (12-20 minutes each) with real case studies.
  • Download course material and clinical reference tools.
  • Access the course from your desktop or tablet.
  • Earn a certificate of completion for 1.5 CE hours (AMA Category II credit – not pre-approved by a specific credentialing body)

 Who Should Take this Course?

  • Allopathic and alternative healthcare providers, including primary care physicians, geriatricians, chiropractors, acupuncturists, and others.
  • Providers who want to improve patient outcomes for those who are often undertreated or inappropriately referred.
  • Providers who seek current and realistic strategies over outdated methods or defaulting to the notion that nothing can be done.
  • Practitioners who want to make sure they aren’t missing well-known red-flags, inappropriately referring patients, or letting your patients ignore an important problem.
  • Providers who want clinically realistic tools they can use tomorrow.

This course is NOT for you if:

  • You already have extensive training in tinnitus through audiologic and alternative modalities.
  • You just want a silver bullet to cure tinnitus for all of your patients.


Get a practical understanding of tinnitus and how to get the best results for your patients suffering with tinnitus.

Get immediate access to the Tinnitus CE course for only $90

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What others have said:

I am glad to have a strategy now for patients who are told “there is nothing that can be done” for them…

I loved the Tinnitus CE course. The organization and level of the pathophysiology was well balanced and I took away a lot of applicable information. I am glad to have a strategy now for patients who are told “there is nothing that can be done” for them if one particular modality does not work.

Dr. Joshua Jangula, DAOM, EAMP | Seattle, WA

This filled in a lot of gaps. I found several pearls I’ll be incorporating ASAP.

I see many tinnitus patients in my practice and Dr. deGroot’s course filled in a lot of the gaps for me in terms of how I think about the condition. These patients need all the support and options they can get for their tinnitus and we owe it to them to consider a broad set of evidence based therapies. I found several pearls in this CE class that I’ll be incorporating into my practice ASAP.

Dr. Liz Carter, ND, LaC | Seattle, WA

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